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    Our agency is all about video storytelling

  • The Idea Agency

    Infidea is an idea agency for disruptive brands and influencers. We believe that video should be the heartbeat of every aspect of your marketing/ sales efforts. People need to experience "who you are" not just information about what you do. Capturing the core of your vision in short-form storytelling will dramatically expand your reach and loyalty.

    The Power of a Video Story

    The proliferation of digital marketing technology is happening at an astounding pace. In fact, it gets faster and faster each year.

    3 Rules on Video Storytelling

    would it surprise you to know that by 2018,79% of your traffic will come from video?

    To avoid falling off a traffic cliff, you need to ensure that you have a video strategy. Let us help.

  • Stats + Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves on how our clients recent videos and marketing strategies have made a tremendous impact.


    People reached


    Funding raised


    Revenue Generated

  • ON THE go

    Yes, the brands and influencers we with are pretty major players with complex strategies of engagement and acquisition.

    But we are all about the small business owners and up-coming influencers as well!

    Find out how you can work with Infidea to help your small business grow!

  • INFIDEA go

    How can we do it?

    Well, our creative executive team works with our storytellers on-the-go to give you the best of our ideas without the full-production demands.


    We get stories on the go using smartphones and tech gadgets.


    We edit in real time with APPs that support post production and graphics. Videos you can use the next day or stream immediately.


    We can also support your social media needs.

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